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Image Look for the Silver Lining (LP)
På sitt sjätte album återvänder Isabella Lundgren till The Great American Songbook, med personliga tolkningar av hits som ”Fly me to the Moon”, ”Smile” och ”What a Wonderful World”. Inspelad våren 2020 i anrika Atlantis Studio, Stockholm. Med Carl Bagge, piano, Niklas Ferqvist, bas, Daniel Fredriksson, trummor, och stråkar.

”He who has a 'why' to live, can bare almost any 'how'”, wrote the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.
I have stood in a lot of 'hows' that were so painful I wondered if I would ever make it to the other side.
But I did, every time.
Even though I have stood dangerously close to gaping abyss,
Like so many before me.
For humanity is a resilient species, which can rise from the ashes and turn the ugly into something beautiful.
This album is about 'why'.
The 'why' that has carried me through the painful 'hows' that human life is founded upon.
Uncertainty. Injustice. Suffering.
The 'why' that carries me is that humans, despite these circumstances, more often choose to do good.
The music on this album is carefully selected to remind us of this goodness.
Music that lovers have shared their first kiss to. That teenagers have danced to.
That children have been born to. That people have remembered each other by.
“He who has a 'why' to live, can bare almost any 'how'”.
This music is my 'why', and hopefully you can find comfort through it.
Whatever 'how' you face. (Isabella Lundgren)

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Image Jag har funderat på en sak (LP)
Det har varit ett händelserikt år för Amanda Ginsburg. Skivbolaget Ladybird fick snabbt upp ögonen för henne och en första singel ”Havsmelodi", släpptes i våren 2017. Efter att ha blivit nominerad till Årets Nykomling av P2 Jazzkatten kom hon i höstas (2017) ut med ännu en singel, ”Flykten från vardagen” som gästades av Nils Landgren. Den 2 februari 2018 släpps debutalbumet ”Jag har funderat på en sak”.

”Jag låter min musik frodas i den nordiska melankolins tonspråk. Där vill jag varsamt förvalta arvet efter några av de mest älskade namnen inom svensk jazz och visa. Musiken hedrar en tradition men tar den in i en samtid med de infallsvinklar en 90-talist upptäcker i sig själv och andra.”
Amanda Ginsburg

Amanda Ginsburg - sång
Filip Ekestubbe - piano och dragspel
Ludvig Eriksson - kontrabas
Ludwig Gustavsson - trummor
Joel Karlsson - basklarinett, tenorsaxofon

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Image Retrospective - The Very Best Of e.s.t. (LP)
Leucocytes, white blood cells, are a part of the human immune system that protect the body against foreign pathogens and infections. They must periodically renew themselves to continue their work.

For e.s.t., spontaneous jam sessions were the way to renewal. They would often rent a local recording studio for a couple of days during their tours and then start to jam. They did this without any pre-composed material. The musicians reacted freely to each other and let themselves be totally carried by the flow of ideas and musical to and fro. The players needed this freedom in order to explore new musical regions, or as Esbjörn Svensson always formulated it, “…to follow the music”. In the past, many of the trio’s compositions were developed through precisely this art of improvisation.

And there was scarcely another formation on the planet that was as predestined for this way of going about business as e.s.t were. The three performed with an almost telepathic assuredness, breathing as one; “This group has become one sound, one genius mutant human being with six hands, three brains and one musical sensibility.” (Jamie Cullum). The trio constantly posed the fundamental question, “What can a piano trio be that it has not been before?” (Pat Metheny).

Leucocyte is the result of one of these two day jams. It took place at the famed “Studios 301” in Sydney during the band’s Australian tour. In early 2008 e.s.t.’s sound engineer Ake Linton joined the band at the Bohus Sound Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden to begin mixing. On April 28 there was a photo shoot in Berlin for the new campaign. On May 16 the artwork and album were delivered to ACT.

Then on June 14 the incomprehensible happened: Esbjörn Svensson, probably the most influential stylist of the last decade, lost his life in a diving accident off the island of Vrämdö near Stockholm.

As a result, Leucocyte has become Esbjörn Svensson’s and e.s.t.’s musical legacy! It is the most venturesome album Esbjörn Svensson (p), Dan Berglund (b), and Magnus Öström (dr) have recorded as e.s.t. The essence of this journey of discovery is its ecstatic energy. It is a trip through the bloodstream sans compositional safety-net and stylistic restraints in which the borders of musical communication are sounded out.

Esbjorn Svensson's orbital musical journey began barely ten years ago with From Gagarin's Point Of View, before coming to Earth with Strange Place For Snow and Seven Days Of Falling. He provided food for the soul with Viaticum, lost himself in his Tuesday Wonderland, and the journey now comes to an end with Leucocyte.

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Image Two Roses (2LP + two bonus tracks)
LIRA GILLAR! Det finns en stor rikedom i uttrycken på skivan och det är framfört med mycket hjärta hos alla medverkande. Avishai Cohen har spelat in ännu en suverän platta. (Andreas Lagercrantz, Lira)

Coming under the form of a beautiful antique pink and dark green 3-shutters digipack and two-LPs Gatefold, ‘Two Roses’ is by Avishai’s words “a once in a lifetime project”. Associating his core trio (Mark Guiliana, Elchin Shirinov) with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Avishai Cohen offers a very cinematic project between Jazz, Mediterranean Folklore and Classical music, reexploring a part of his musical journey. Not only proposing new orchestrations of his most successful works, ‘Two Roses’ is also strongly supported by ‘When I’m Falling’, an original composition showing how far the sound of Avishai Cohen has developed. The vinyl edition features 2 exclusive tracks in addition to the 12 songs already listed on the digital and CD editions; including a Symphonic version of Seven Seas which is one of Avishai’s most beloved compositions.

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Image Out of the bell jar - A tribute to Bob Dylan (LP)
Vocals: Isabella Lundgren
Piano: Carl Bagge
Bass: Niklas Fernqvist
Drums: Daniel Fredriksson
Violin: Daniel Migdal
PedalSteel: Johan Lindström

”It was a solitary place, the world I once lived
So I clung to the shadows and stuck to the gin
while darkness beguiled me and institutions compiled me
your back pages exiled me

I bid a restless farewell to the world I once knew
and no longer was I tangled up in blue
Romantic facts of a life in truth
you foundationed deep, I know how
Like a rolling stone, ill roll along now

I took a journey to the stars, Lord I have travelled far
thru a hard rains fall,
out of the bell jar

I took a journey to the stars, Lord I have travelled far
thru a hard rains fall,
out of the bell jar

As we wayfare the lowlands
into a no man’s land
I take off my iron vest
and let your words appress whatever is left
of my lifelessness
thru a hard rains fall,
out of the bell jar”

- Isabella Lundgren

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Image Live in Stuttgart 1961 (LP)
Recorded live at Stuttgart, November 27, 1961 and Frankfurt November 29, 1961

Dizzy Gillespie (tp), Leo Wright (as, fl ), Lalo Schifrin (p), Bob Cunningham (b), Mel Lewis (dr)

To Be or Not To Bop

"The Mooche" of 1928 was created by Duke Ellington for the trumpeter Bubber Miley. In a 15-minute version, performed in Stuttgart in 1961, Dizzy Gillespie explores the concept at length. Lalo Schifrin's extended piano solo uses block chords to further heighten the dramatic intensity of this soul version. Schifrin had had doubts in 1960 whether Dizzy even wanted him in his band; he could never get hold of him by telephone and very nearly returned home to Buenos Aires. "I've had many mentors in my life, but only one master - Dizzy." He went on to compose large-scale suites for the trumpeter virtually in a single surge of creativity, including Gillespiana and The New Continent. That summer Dizzy Gillespie toured Argentina and Brazil. As Schifrin put it. "Dizzy was always hungry for new musical food: calypso today, bossa nova yesterday, tomorrow - who could know?" The trumpeter engaged the versatile saxophonist and fl autist Leo Wright from 1959 to 1961, following a sensational concert at the Monterey Festival. Wright went on to live in Europe for many years. But Dizzy Gillespie narrowly missed the bossa nova trend, because Artie Shaw had advised him to make as many recordings as he could and only to release the volumes in his old age, once his musical powers were on the wane.

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Image Hidden Soul of The Fjords (2LP)
Exploring the haunting beauty of one of the Earth’s most exquisitely majestic landscapes, Hidden Soul Of The Fjords is a musical journey, an ‘Elemental-Sonic Soundscape’ artfully expressing the primal origins, mythic mysteries and life and death realities of the stark and stunning Fjords of Western Norway.
The album is told in four musical Movements:
1- Presence 2- Beneath The Surface Touch The Sky 3- Shining Darkness 4- Heart
Co-created by Norwegian Singer/Composer Heidi Torsvik and Grammy Nominated American Producer/Composer Lazerus Winter, the new double album includes performances from renown soloists: Karl Seglem (tenor sax and Bukkehorn), Stein Urheim (electric guitar), Benedicte Maurseth (Hardanger Fiddle), Alexander Grieg (Contrabass), David Chelsom Vogt (Violin) and drummer Ivar Thormodsæter.
Hidden Soul Of The Fjords is the ?rst in a new “Hidden Soul Series” for Naxos Norways new subsidiary label NXN recordings. The ?rst single Re?ections to be released in the Spring of 2020, followed by a second single Trees That Whisper in late Summer 2020 with the whole double album to be released in September of 2020.
Composers, co-creators Heidi Torsvik and Winter Lazerus will be doing live concert events starting near the time of the album’s release date and then ongoing into 2021.
Initially composed in an old wooden home on the edge of the fjord waters and including multiple ?eld recordings and found sounds from travels throughout the region, “Hidden Soul Of The Fjords” album production touches the heart, mind and Soul with a unique musical vision that that might remind the listener of such diverse musical references as Arvo Part and Massive Attack. Hidden Soul Of The Fjords seeks to bring the magic of one of the Earth’s greatest natural eco-systems to the all who listen in a one-of-a-kind ‘Elemental-Sonic Soundscape."

239 kr (299 kr)
Image Ella Lives (LP)
Vivian Buczek - vocal
Martin Sjöstedt - piano
Niklas Fernqvist - bass
Johan Löfcrantz Ramsay – trummor

Mattias Ståhl - vibrafon
Fredrik Lindborg - basklarinett, tenor saxophone
Peter Asplund - trumpet, flygelhorn
Karl-Martin Almqvist - tenor saxophone

Det är ingen tvekan om att Vivian Buczek är en av våra främsta jazzsångerskor. Hon har en enastående bredd och känsla för jazzens idiom.

I april 2017 släpper Vivian sitt 5:e album och denna gången tar hon sig an sin största inspirationskälla, Ella Fitzgerald som firar 100 år, för att göra en värdig hyllning till sin idol - men med sitt eget sound och uttryck tillsammans med pianisten och arrangören Martin Sjöstedt.

Vivan Buczek was born in Sweden with Polish roots. She has today developed into one of Sweden's most outstanding and engaging jazzsingers with a remarkable feeling for the jazz idiom.
This is her second album in collaboration with one of the greatest Swedish musicians and arrangers martin Sjöstedt.

"I have chosen some of my favourite Ella songs that I have listened to and sung since I was a teenager, many of them from the Ella Fitzgerald songbooks and live albums."

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Image Lost Heroes (LP)
The prizewinning masterpeice of Echo Jazz-awardee Iiro Rantala is now also available on vinyl. High quality
vinyl-mastering exclusively made from the 24bit studio master files and premium 180g-pressing (download-code

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Image Last Spring (LP)
Bugge Wesseltoft's and Henning Kraggerud's album from 2012 (ACT9526), now presented on vinyl for the first time.
The vinyl issue was especially made to commemorate the victims of the horrible crimes on Utøya.

"Terror struck Norway hard and brutal on 22nd July 2011. One single man detonated a bomb in Oslo and later that day had killed 69 people, some as young as 14 years old at the political youth camp on the island of Utøya. In the aftermath in the days that followed, the song which translates to 'For the Youth' was used in Norway, both as means to unify against terror and in the healing process for the whole nation.

The CD 'Last Spring' was recorded in the Autumn 2011 and released in Spring 2012. Now when making this new vinyl version we are in 2019. Over the last few years, 'Last Spring' has transformed its meaning for me and has become more and more music for consolation. Since the LP has a shorter minute count than the CD, we have chosen to remove some tracks and thereby make a new storyline by changing the order of the remaining songs on both sides of this album.

It now starts with the medieval ballad 'Margit Hjukse', where Bugge’s introductory 'E's in the beginning represent church bells barely heard from inside the mountain. Margit is there dreaming about seeing her family again, even if only once. Then 'Lilja', 'Byssan Lull', 'Sæterjentens Søndag' and 'Maria durch den Dornwald ging' form this Side A as if seen through the eyes of a young woman.

Side B opens with 'Gjendines Bådnlåt'. This melody was originally notated by Grieg when hearing Gjendine singing it for her sister’s child, using the back of a cow as a makeshift desk. It is here that the viola solo starts on the lullaby’s words 'sova no, sova no'. Grieg’s own 'Last Spring' expresses - through Vinje’s words - gratitude to experience one last spring. In 'Til Ungdommen' I use my 'viola concorda' which spans down to the deep cello register with its six strings. This is also used in the following 'Blåmann' which is one of Norway’s most used lullabies that both Bugge and I grew up with. Brahms’ 'Wiegenlied' concludes this LP and was, in the Norwegian poet Henrik Wergeland’s translated text, what my mother sung to me at the very end of the day." (Henning Kraggerud, 2019)

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Image Playing Gershwin (LP)
Only very few musicians are as well versed in both, classical music and jazz as the Finnish pianist Iiro Rantala. With the acclaimed 'Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen', he now continues his classical journey. Following the album "Mozart, Bernstein, Lennon" which got nominated for the "International Classical Music Award", the new recording features repertoire by George Gershwin - for Rantala, with his strong melodies and great emotional warmth, a classical soulmate.

183 kr (229 kr)
Image Ne me quitte pas (2 LP)
24 songs among the most moving of the genius of Brussels (Ne me quitte pas, Le Plat pays, Quand on a que l’amour, Au printemps…) and his most caustic (Les Flamandes, La Valse à Mille Temps, Madeleine, Bruxelles…).

151 kr (189 kr)
Antiphone Blues
Altsaxofon och kyrkorgel!

Arne Domnérus, altsaxofon; Gustaf Sjökvist, orgel.

Inspelningstekniker: Håkan Sjögren
Inspelningsår: 1974

151 kr (189 kr)
Image Teamwork (LP)

Line Up:
The Funk Unit is:
Nils Landgren / trombone & vocals
Magnum Coltrane Price / bass & vocals
Magnus Lindgren / woodwinds & vocals
Jonas Wall / woodwinds & vocals
Sebastian Studnitzky / keyboards & trumpet
Andy Pfeiler / guitar & vocals
Robert Ikiz / drums

Special Guests:
Joe Sample / rhodes solo on 2-01
Wilton Felder / tenor sax solo on 3-01
Till Brönner / trumpet solo on 2-02
LIRA / vocals on 1-03

This might well be the best Funk Unit that Nils Landgren has had gathered around him since 2010: technically outstanding, this is a group of team players who combine well with a great groove connection. James Brown meets Parliament meets Crusaders meets Funk Unit: that's one way you could describe the musical concept on "Teamwork". It is pure party feeling, the notes whirl coolly through the ranks, superb horn sets alternate with ecstatic solos, dance beats, smooth vocals and strong melodies, but there is also time for elegance and heartfelt blues. "Teamwork" is all that and then some, played by a dream team of sweat-inducing funk workers with soul in their blood.

"I felt that Funk Unit had so much more to give," recalls team captain Landgren, whose funk formation still shows no signs of fatigue even after 8 albums. With "Teamwork", this star player puts more emphasis on the skill of the collective, and pursues the same creative strategy that made funk legends like James Brown and George Clinton's Parliament great: go with the flow, follow where the groove takes you. "Hours of jamming preceded the recording sessions. We just turned the recorder on and played. Magnum Coltrane Price and Robert Ikiz laid the groove foundation that inspired us to new melodies and horn riffs. Then we checked out what we'd recorded together: where is there potential, where is there a great melody, which riffs get under your skin? It was like panning for gold. The songs emerged bit by bit. Then we went into the Atlantis Studio in Stockholm, where ABBA once recorded their unforgettable hits." The result is an album that wasn't planned or calculable, but that was born live, so to speak. Nothing sounds deliberate, it's all organic.

207 kr (259 kr)
Image Christmas with my Friends - The Jubilee Collection
Christmas With My Friends are:

Nils Landgren / trombone & vocals
Sharon Dyall / vocals
Jonas Knutsson / saxophones
Jeanette Köhn / vocals
Eva Kruse / bass
Jessica Pilnäs / vocals
Ida Sand / vocals & piano
Johan Norberg / guitars & kantele

Dear friends,

10 years of Christmas With My Friends lie behind us. Wow! But, how did it all begin?
Well, here is the story behind Christmas With My Friends:
I have been listening to music all year around since I was a toddler in the small country town of Degerfors in Sweden. My whole family was into
music and there were always someone who practised an instrument or played a record in the house. Great fun. At an early age I realized that
around Christmas, the whole musical climate changed drastically. Everything went on overload. “More is more” seemed to be the key. I liked it
up to the age of 14 but then I had enough of our annual Pat Boone sessions. Jingle Bells and Santa Claus everywhere.
I was still a music student when I at the age of 19 took the chance to become a professional musician and ever since at Christmas time, I asked
myself the same question: ‘Is there an antidote to all this?’ Very slowly and almost subconsciously I started to develop ideas for a different kind
of concept for Christmas music, free from arranged overload, jingle bells and big string sections. Many years later I felt ready to face my record
label chef Siggi Loch with the idea of making a Christmas album my way. Christmas With My Friends, reflecting my own idea of what Christmas
could be like, through the filters of my musical friends and myself. Siggi embraced the idea and after having made the choice of music and
musicians, we decided on recording a live concert both audio and video, in the beautiful medieval church of Odensala north of Stockholm. The
rest is as they say, history…
We went on tour with the first version of the band in 2006, with only one change: Bassist Eva Kruse replaced Lars Danielsson on the tour that
also featured singer Viktoria Tolstoy and guitarist Ulf Wakenius. On the recording, I had the idea of incorporating a trombone choir and my old
friend and fellow trombonist Walter Brolund helped me out in the best of ways. On tour, I hired trombone choirs all over Germany, sometimes
new every day. Hard work for me to rehearse, but a lot of fun as well.
On that first tour, we performed in Mannheim in the “Alte Feuerwache” on December 12. On that particular day we celebrate Lucia, the queen
of light all over Sweden. Big thing. We had decided to play the concert in traditional Lucia costumes, with Viktoria as Lucia for the first time in
her life, with a candle crown on her head and the rest of the girls as her maids with me, Johan, Jonas and Ulf Wakenius as stable boys. All in
white. The girls with glitter in their hair and candles in their hands, the boys with funny hats just like at home. Very Swedish indeed. We thought
it would be a great success but almost no one in the audience understood what was going on. They all stayed very quiet after we had marched
through the whole room singing Sankta Lucia, so we got out of the dresses, lights and hats as fast as we could and continued in our normal
concert clothes. It could have all stopped right after that introduction but luckily it did not, the performance was a success and now we can look
back on ten years of Christmas With My friends.
I think that none of us believed that Christmas With My Friends would turn out to be such a success and maybe that‘s why - just doing what we
wanted to do. Spreading joy through music, our way. Reflective, contemplative but not without humor and groove and always on the highest
musical level. Since the first concert in Odensala we have performed hundreds of concerts, moving audiences all over Germany and Sweden.
From the second album on, the band has been consisting of the same eight members and it is really a bliss to work with so much talent combined
with great friendship: Vocalists Jeanette Köhn, Sharon Dyall, Jessica Pilnäs and Ida Sand, who is also playing piano, my musical duo partner
since the mid eighties Johan Norberg on the guitar, Jonas Knutsson on saxes, above mentioned Eva Kruse on bass and myself. Why change a
winning team?
A big part of our success is of course Siggi Loch and our record company ACT in Munich who believed in me and the idea in the first place and
our agency Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion in Hamburg, where Ina Lieckfeldt has been working our tour schedules with great results.
At the end of the day, the audience decides if they want to join in or not and it seems like the decision is in our favor. Without all my Christmas
friends, none of this would have been possible. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and soul for ten wonderful years.
Merry Christmas!

Nils Landgren

711 kr (889 kr)
Image Twenty Five Magic Years - The Jubilee Album (LP)
ACT is proud to mark this milestone with a “Jubilee Album”. However, the label has taken care to steer well clear of the predictable. Except three tracks everything on the album is being released for the first time. The result is a newly crafted summation of the kind of music for which ACT exists: music that can touch the heart, stir the soul and lift the spirit of the listener. It is a kaleidoscope of magical musical moments by artists with an openness of mind to all genres and styles.

183 kr (229 kr)
Image Mare Nostrum III (LP)
Paolo Fresu / trumpet & flugelhorn
Richard Galliano / accordion, bandoneon & accordina
Jan Lundgren / piano
All good things come in threes, they say...

...and in fact the idea of a trilogy of albums – a first recorded in Italy, a second in France, and a third in Sweden – has been present in the minds of these three musicians ever since they first started working together.

What might appear as a vapid marketing idea is the genuine result of the shared musical identity which they have continued to develop together.

The three top-flight musicians Paolo Fresu, Richard Galliano and Jan Lundgren have a great deal in common: each is a superb instrumentalist in his own right, all three of them have a love of melody as their hallmark; and they also draw on the rich musical resources of their native countries, Italy, France and Sweden.

For over 12 years they have been playing together at the highest level, their incomparable sound is the inspiration for an ever-growing audience in countless countries, and they perform in the world’s most renowned concert halls.

So it came as no surprise to me as the producer of this session when the question arose spontaneously and more or less simultaneously: when are we going back into the studio together?

Once again it was a pure pleasure to see the sheer ease with which Paolo, Richard and Jan can create such great music. The results have a completely natural flow and the joy of making music together is palpable.

And as to the question of whether this is still “jazz”, it really doesn’t need to be asked: “Call it anything” said Miles Davis way back when – and how right he was!

René Hess

231 kr (289 kr)
Image XXXX (LP)

183 kr (229 kr)
Image Dreamer (LP)
Joel Lyssarides, piano
Niklas Fernqvist, bas
Rasmus Svensson, trummor

Den prisbelönte pianisten Joel Lyssarides (f. 1992) började spela piano redan som 4-åring. Enligt Joel själv var det efter att ha hört Charlie Parkers ”Blue Bird” som intresset för jazzen tidigt började växa.
Endast 25 år gammal har Joel redan 10 år som verksam musiker i bagaget. Han har turnerat över stora delar av världen samt samarbetat med b.l.a Silvana Imam, Anne-Sofie Von Otter, Dirty Loops, Benny Andersson, Nils Landgren, Kristin Amparo och Blacknuss för att nämna några.

Joel har under åren tagit emot flertalet tunga stipendier, b.l.a Jan Wallander-priset som vid 21-års ålder gav honom en sprillans ny Steinway-flygel att disponera under de kommande åren. Han har prisats av STIM för sina kompositioner, nominerats till årets nykomling av Sveriges radio P1 samt tagit emot det sedan några år tillbaka nyinstiftade Bengt-Säve Söderbergh stipendiet.

I november 2017 spelade Joel in sitt debutalbum tillsammans med vännerna Niklas Fernqvist på kontrabas och Rasmus Svensson Blixt på trummor. Musiken är influerad av flamenco och americana men reflekterar samtidigt joels romantiska klassiska bakgrund, framförallt från den ryska kompositören Scriabin. Det är intensiv och minst sagt krävande musik för det klassiska formatet pianotrio.

151 kr (189 kr)
Image Quiet Winter Night (LP)
295 kr (369 kr)
Image Relaxin' in Ireland (LP)
Julian Wasserfuhr / trumpet & flugelhorn
Roman Wasserfuhr / piano
Jörg Brinkmann / cello

What the title of the album does is to set a tone: Here is the typical Wasserfuhr sound with a relaxed way of playing – the Irish attitude to life shines through again and again.

183 kr (229 kr)
Image Melodic Ornette Coleman (Piano Works XIII) (LP)
Joachim Kühn / piano
A Legacy

Between 1995 and 2000 I was able to play sixteen concerts with Ornette. Before each concert he would write ten new pieces that we would work out and record during an entire week at his Harmolodic studio in Harlem, New York. Since he wanted me to contribute the cards (sounds) for his melodies, I was directly involved in the composition process.

Once the concert was over, the songs would never be played again. I am now the only one who has all of the recordings and the sheet music for a total of 170 pieces. And after about twenty years, I have put together the most beautiful of his melodies and ballads and recorded them for piano solo. With the exception of “Lonely Woman”, none of the pieces has ever been released by Ornette.

Joachim Kühn

183 kr (229 kr)
Image Onwards and Upwards (LP)
SHALOSH are fans of Nirvana, Brahms and The Bad Plus: they transcend all style barriers. As children of the 90’s, they have assimilated the pop and rock music of that decade. The loudness of rock and the danceability of electronica are paired with the sensitivity and structural awareness of trained jazz musicians. SHALOSH make music with the fiery impetuousness of men in their mid-twenties. Their songs build in intensity and tension, with the undertow of a sea that surges and roars, but which can also fall still and luxuriate in its own contemplative beauty.

Line up:
Gadi Stern, piano, rhodes & micro korg
David Michaeli, double bass
Matan Assayag, drums

183 kr (229 kr)
Image Playing John Williams (LP)
From “E.T.” to “Harry Potter” and “Jurassic Park” – Great Music from the Movies for Solo Piano. Austrian jazz pianist David Helbock plays music by multiple Oscar- and Grammy-winning American film composer John Williams.

183 kr (229 kr)
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